Burdened by clutter? Want to feel lighter? Just look at all we do:


We help you assess your closets, drawers, cabinets and shelves. You’ll free yourself of clothes you don’t wear because they’re outdated, too big, too small or something you just never really wear. We work with you to decide which key pieces need to be replaced and which pieces to purchase to create more ensembles out of the clothes you have left.


We help by working with you and yours to liberate your own or a loved one’s home of unnecessary, unwanted and unloved items. We also do this same work in your office, helping you organize the stuff you have left once we purge the place.

We can work with you or for you. We work WITH you by starting in a room and arranging items into manageable, grouped piles for your review. We help you decide what to keep, donate and offer advice if anything is worth selling.

We work FOR you if you decide you want nothing to do with the process. We clear out your home and decide what to keep for you based on our initial conversations.

We figure out which organizational approach works for you, then as part of our service, we photograph, research, post and manage all of the tedious drudgery of your “for sale” items online. Our cut is 40% of any item we sell on your behalf.


We create a filing system that works, We create a schedule to keep your errands and tasks on track, or – thinking bigger, we organize your whole home so that everything has a place and containers are labeled.  Once we complete the job, we provide a map of where your items now live, for fast, clear and easy access.


We de-clutter the home, box up items that will move with you, and bag anything that needs to be donated, sold or trashed. We’ll help you with storage ideas if you need to relocate stuff to a storage unit while your house is on the market.

We also “stage” the house by moving around some of your stuff so that they highlight each room in the best way possible. We make sure each room looks as if it serves a specific purpose so buyers will be able to observe the rooms with a vision for each one.


We have a professional interior designer on staff if you will be remodeling once the de-cluttering and organizing processes are complete.


We have a handyman on staff to help out with projects that require some repairs and/or minor renovations.


We create and maintain file systems, pay bills, run errands and generally run your home for you.


We help families prepare for a move or unpack from a relocation.

*For military families, we offer this service at low or no cost. It’s our way of honoring the sacrifices you, your loved one, and/or your family have made on behalf of our country. With gratitude, Lighten Up thanks you for serving.