Lighten Up has always been about helping people. Long before launching the business, Sue Renzi, Founder and CEO, had embraced her natural inclination and ability to bring order to chaos.

Lighten Up’s roots go back to 2013, when Sue began hearing from many people she encountered about burdens that needed lifting. Whether downsizing from a lifelong home, organizing an overgrown office, or minimizing attic accumulation, Sue found that she could balance her friends’ desire to be part of the purging process while supporting them in making swift, objective decisions, The outcomes were overwhelming. Sue watched with delight as each and every individual who invited her in to help was left feeling lighter, with more energy and reduced stress.

In discovering her ability to organize spaces and liberate homes from clutter, Sue realized this was purpose-driven work she could pursue efficiently and compassionately, With that, Lighten Up was born. In 2015, Lighten Up officially became a full-time business.

Lighten Up now employs a team consisting of house and office cleaners, interior designers and handy-persons.