Overwhelmed and overworked? Do you look around the house and want to cry? You aren’t alone and you don’t have to live this way. Lighten Up helps you minimize stuff so you can maximize life.

Minimize Me

We work with you (or for you, you can decide) to liberate your surroundings of excess “trappings”. Interestingly enough, that’s what too much stuff does. It traps us.

We can go room by room, organizing items into piles to make it clear how much you own. Or we can target a specific area: the garage, attic, basement, home office to rid the space of “too much”.

Don’t agonize – minimize!

Minimizing your possessions opens up avenues of opportunity.

To clean less stuff is to clean less! Woo hoo!

When you own less, you reduce the occasions of having to repair, maintain, re-organize and re-organize again.

There’s more space to move about. There’s more time for fun or relaxation.

See? Less IS more!

Minimize Me