Lighten Up helps you de-clutter or organize and unburden your own or a loved one’s home or office. We help by working with you and yours to liberate your home of unnecessary, unwanted and unloved items. We also help you organize the stuff you have.

Lighten Up is designed for people who are looking to be liberated. Whether it be emptying out a house due to a loved one’s’ transfer to a living facility, tidying and staging a home before listing a house for sale, unpacking at your new home, unburdening your abode of extra clutter, Lighten Up will bring you world class service and peace of mind.

What we do at Lighten Up is help with the tasks that may seem monumentally unbearable, torturously agonizing, or just downright boring. The crazy part is we love that kind of project! We glory in organizing! We find this kind of work extremely cool! We know that it’s vital to you to get this undertaking done and we want to support you by making it as easy as possible for you to view, organize  and dispose of “stuff”.

  • Overwhelmed by the thought of purging or organizing your own personal space?
  • Tired of looking at all the clutter in your surroundings?
  • Ready to “heave-ho” but can’t find the motivation?
  • Does just the thought of clearing out make you feel frustrated and exhausted?
  • Need guidance with making decisions about how to organize or donate?

Lighten Up focuses on far more than just the items you have in your home. We concentrate on where they are currently located, how and why they ended up there, and, most importantly, where they can be relocated. We help you determine ways that your belongings can be organized more suitably, donated to your favorite charity (complete with a spreadsheet for your taxes), sold, or discarded with a “Hip Hip Hooray”, a high five, or whatever flourish you choose to celebrate.

If you’re not ready to get rid of your “stuff” but just need help reassigning it, Lighten Up can help you reorganize the things in your home so you don’t feel so encumbered by everything.

We even provide bags, labels, and packing tape and can help you source and purchase boxes, if needed. Our goal is to keep things simple and help you feel unburdened, in control, and in love with your surroundings. Basically, we help you “Lighten Up”.

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