Our air conditioner’s condenser leaked and, since we hadn’t been down our basement in several days, the water spread across the basement and puddled on the far wall, the lowest point in the basement.

I called my husband, who told me to turn off the air conditioner. I don’t know why I called him really, because I kind of knew he was going to tell me that. It might have been mid-September, but it was a hot and muggy day. I wasn’t happy.

I moved everything away from the wall. Out came the shop-vac and the towels, and pretty quickly the puddles were gone. I turned the fans on the wet spots and left them on to dry. Luckily, the stuff that got wet wasn’t anything that water could ruin.

As we were moving things back, I started pulling things out to purge. I was struck again by the realization that de-cluttering is a constant in most people’s lives. I know it is in mine. And I witness it with others through my work.

We really do need to de-clutter several times a year to keep our homes balanced. For most of us, autumn de-cluttering is really about getting ready for the holiday season. We might as well clear out some of the old stuff because before we know it, we’ll be dragging out our holiday decorations. And if our basement (or other staging area) is already disorganized, then adding to the chaos with tubs of holiday stuff only makes most of us more anxious.

The same goes for readying the rest of the house for the holidays. If we have too much junk laying around in closets, it will be hard to use them as landings spots for our gift purchases, and later for the wrapped presents. If we are having house guests for the holidays, we have to make sure those rooms are clutter-free, too. Even our pantries get overloaded from the extra food and baking items we buy. Looking into already overflowing kitchen cabinets can create panic!

And who has the brainpower to orchestrate all of this while getting ready for the holiday season? Most of us don’t. And that’s why I’m pretty busy during the fall. I help a lot of people create both physical and mental space for the “most wonderful time of the year”.

Having a professional guide you through autumn de-cluttering takes an enormous load off of you and your family. You’ll be surprised how willingly you’ll purge with someone steering the boat. Most importantly, the end result is that it will afford you some semblance of peace before the hectic holiday season begins.

Give Lighten Up a call and we can talk about your particular needs for heading into the holidays on an even keel.

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