What’s Lurking Below? Do You Even Know?

I dislike my basement. It’s where all “iffy” things go to lie around taking up space. By “iffy”, I mean those things we feel we need to keep but don’t want to see.

Such as half-finished projects (I have at least 5 of them down there):

  • A memory quilt I started making for our daughter when she graduated from high school,
  • An accordion that’s too big for me to learn on,
  • Every attempt at crocheting I’ve ever made,
  • A comforter I was supposed to sew for our grandchild,
  • The photos that, off and on for the past 5 years, I’ve been trying to organize chronologically.

There were oodles of other things down there, but I wasn’t sure what they all were, and didn’t necessarily want to open that can of worms.

So, things pile up…things we really do need, things we think we need, things we know we don’t need but can’t part with.

The only way to confront them is head-on. Open up Pandora’s box. Open up every box, bin and cabinet and peered in to see what in the world is in there.

When I did that, I slowly backed up to the stairs, turned around and walked up the steps with a squeezing sensation in my belly. I felt nervous and miserable, not pleasant sensations at all.

My big question was: “Why was all of that stuff lurking around down there?”

I went back down to the basement several times to look at everything again and had the same reaction. Why?

Eventually, after several failed attempts, I looked objectively at all manner of miscellany, including the aforementioned half-finished enterprises. I realized it was indeed the “iffy” stuff and that it was time for me to proverbially “poop or get off the pot”.

So, I’m in the middle of that now.

Do you know what’s in your basement? Will you be able to open boxes and other containers to see what exactly is down there?

I feel your pain. Call me. We’ll go through your stuff together.

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