Lighten Up has been doing this a long time and we’ve seen many the fringe benefit to cleaning house. It’s no small thing either. Here’s just a few of the many ways that lightening up can have a significant, powerful and positive impact on your life, now and forever.

  1. EMPOWERMENT – Virtually every person with whom we’ve worked has sensed their motivation increasing. One client, who let her nurse practitioner license lapse due to being the main caretaker for her two aging parents, became motivated to begin the process of reinstating her certificate. She told us that by putting so much work into her home, she was able to see that she had the stamina to re-launch her career. Now, we can’t promise you a career move, but we can guarantee you’ll have more inspiration and enthusiasm. A lot!
  2. INCREASED FOCUS – Visual clutter can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information. Excess things compete for your attention. Although everyone’s tolerance is different, physical clutter can make you feel stressed. It overburdens your senses and impedes your ability to think creatively. Think about it (pun intended), when your brain is on overdrive, it’s hard to remember what you were doing, what you were saying, or where you were going (why did I come into this room)? So it makes sense that the neater your view, the calmer and more clear-headed you will be.
  3. “ME” TIME – Looking for something in the middle of a room full of clutter and blather can drive you bonkers! The time you spend looking for “that thing” will be dramatically decreased. Not to mention the time you spend organizing and reorganizing or thinking about reorganizing, or stressing over reorganizing… you get the picture.
  4. FEWER ITEMS = OPEN AREAS – When you reduce or organize your stuff, there’s just less to dust, wash or even clean. Besides, by reducing the area your stuff consumes you have just created more room for you and your family or friends to spread out and dance, exercise or just lie on the floor cuddled up with each other to watch a movie. Win-Win!
  5. LESS DUPLICATION – Another similarity with all of our clients is that they buy duplicates of things they already have in their pantries, medicine cabinets and closets. I worked with a couple who had filled an entire bathroom closet with items. As we cleared out the closet, they became annoyed with themselves when they realized how many identical objects they had been buying. Another corresponding problem many of our clients experienced with duplicate buying was that when they finally found three of the same things in their home, two of them usually had expired dates … which leads me to the next point.
  6. CHA-CHING – As I mentioned above, buying doubles or triples seems to be a similar issue for people. If you know what you have on hand, you won’t spend your valuable cash buying more of the same things.
  7. DISAPPEARING PILES – I’ve seen clients who really take on the forward momentum they feel from de-cluttering and organizing. They like the slimmed down feel and tend to want to keep their house more tidy. Usually, they eliminate the dumping ground – you know the area where the family walks in and drops all of their stuff. Believe it or not, keeping things tidy becomes a quicker task everyday. You deal with the mail when you walk in the door. Shred, file, trash or hold? Your purse, shoes and other items that come in the door with you are easily put in their place. Most people don’t realize that it takes less than five minutes to put everything away  when they enter their home or before they go to bed. No more whining as you walk from room to room looking at piles of stuff.
  8. IT’S THERE! – Storing or arranging related items together can make retrieving them much easier. Many people think that splitting up related stuff and storing them where you use them the most is the best way to keep track of things. But, it actually creates 2 or 3 or 4 more spots where you’ll be searching for your stuff after that one time you were putting away things on the fly. It could be here, or by the front door or in the garage. But, if like items go together, there’s only one place to put it when you’re cleaning up on the fly. There’s an open spot for it already so, bam, there it goes. You won’t find yourself shoving it somewhere else, throwing everything together in a bag and kicking it into the closet.

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