I can still remember the outfits our kids were wearing the day we brought them home from the hospital. Our daughter had a white terry cloth sleeper with cute pink teddy bears all over it. Our son, born in the heat of early September was wearing a cute little onesie decorated with baby animals. I loved those outfits as well as their Easter, Christmas and other special outfits.

My brother and sister-in-law had a girl two years before us and I remember how blessed we were to receive all of their little Gina’s hand-me-downs. I clearly remember a Rothschild coat Erika got to wear on her second or third Christmas. It was gorgeous and something we could never have afforded. As for Jerry and me, our siblings and friends had children after us so we were glad to pass on our kids’ clothes to them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK to hang onto two or three special outfits for each child. The ones that have the most meaning for you. I saved Erika’s first Easter dress, one that my mother-in-law sewed for her. Erika has that dress now for her girls. I even saved the tartan bow tie from Mike’s first Christmas outfit and his first Phillies hat. I couldn’t part with them. But the rest of the clothes needed to be passed on.

When you give your baby clothes away, your family and friends will appreciate the barely used items and you will enjoy seeing them put to good use.

I still remember the excitement of seeing our loved one’s children toddling around in our children’s pre-loved clothes and, at the same time, enjoying the memory of our kids in them as well.

If you don’t have family, bring the clothes to a consignment shop like “Once Upon A Child” http://www.onceuponachild.com/ and make some money off of them. Whatever the store doesn’t take, put in a donation bag and drop it right off at a donation center on your way home.

It’s really not going to be as hard as you think. If you give away the sweet clothing you love, you know you won’t be holding onto items until they’re ruined by storage in a hot, dry or cold, wet place. Or until a mouse gnaws through the box and uses the clothing for a bed. I’ve seen these things happen.

Just remember this when you are readying and steadying yourself to part with the sweet stuff:

  1. You’re recycling. That’s a benefit to our planet.
  2. You’re sharing. We learned that in Kindergarten. OK, maybe Dennis Tarnski, who was in my kindergarten class didn’t learn the concept of sharing. Hopefully, he learned it in first grade. But that’s beside the point.
  3. Recycle and share. And bask in the glory of it.

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